What is the problem?

The mangento menu is a  flexible piece of software that allows the user to build out a comprehensive menu easily. It is based on the category data and other meta data for a fairly high degree of automation. However, these are a few limitations at scale

  1. Add/Delete to the menu is cumbersome as it initiates the indexing
  2. Customization like adding any custom content is difficult and does not have a WYSIWYG
  3. Tough to integrate outside links without custom HTML

How are we solving it?

We have a module that replaces the magento’s menu with an API integration with a custom dashboard. The advantages of this setup is that you can

  1. You can easily customize the menu
  2. It will pull the data initially and setup the first menu automatically
  3. No indexing inside magento
  4. Caching is supported making it really fast
  5. Exposes JSON of the menu which can be used inside the mobile application

What is the price?

Depending on hosting it on our platform or your self code base the licensing varies.

Our platform – 10$ a month (X req maximum)
Internal hosting with code license – 10,000$ yearly