What is the problem?

Magento allows multifaceted catalog creation by the method of storing the values in EAV model, through which it provides flexibility in creation of catalog. While it initially seems to solve foreseeable problems, it picks up complexity and problems very soon with growing catalog.

  1. Indexing is the major problem – as the catalog grows in size and complexity, indexing becomes that much more time taking
  2. For any large catalog, real-time update gets much harder
  3. Faceted search and suggestions are absent
  4. Export is time and bandwidth consuming
  5. No support for SEO catalog updates (like FB products or Google products)

How do we solve it?

We have a custom dashboard enabled system built over document model supercharged with fast search. Catalog updates are blazing fast with the flexibility to create catalog just the way you want. With modern REST API support, we additionally provide you the power to build mobile applications, custom reporting as you deem fit.

What is the price?
We have 2 options where you can host it on our cloud and self host while customizing the code

Hosted – $10 (X requests limit)
Self hosted – $10000 Yearly